To empower people to be successful in every area of life through the Word of God.


our strategy, which answers the question of how we will fulfill the vision. is summarized in four words:  connect, serve, grow and locked-in.

  • CONNECT - Helping people to connect with Christ and a local church.  Members at Risen Church are considered V.I.P.
  • SERVE - Equip people for their ministry in the church and community.  Risen has several areas to choose from to start serving.
  • GROW - Develop people to Christ-like maturity.  Risen Church provides Sunday service, Tuesday service, and various activities for spiritual growth.
  • LOCKED-IN - CONNECT + SERVE + GROW = LOCKED-IN.  Connecting to Risen Church through church membership is just the beginning. It is vital to push God's vision for Risen and invest in growing spiritually. Consistently serving and attending worship services for at least 3 months, sets you well on your way to creating the healthy habits you need to be LOCKED-IN.  LOCKE-IN means you are committed to modeling God's design for the local church by building His church while allowing Him to build you.  Now that you're LOCKED-IN, reach out to others and help them get LOCKED-IN.