In order to be fully informed about the Risen Solution Session(s) you will be receiving, please read through this following agreement, sign and date it at the bottom. This form must be signed and filled out completely and returned to the locked, confidential box at the Ask Me Anything Table or scanned and emailed to (Note to couples: Each individual should fill out their own set of forms.)

DESCRIPTION OF SOLUTION SESSION: The goal of solution sessions is to help an individual think biblically about their current situation in the context of a confidential, caring environment. The Pastors or designated person(s) rely on Scripture as the sole authority for faith and conduct and recognizes that lasting change is the result of the power of God, the grace of Christ and the indwelling ministry of the Holy Spirit. Guided by biblical principles, the Pastors and/or designated person(s) role is to utilize guided questioning, empathetic support, problem definition, reflection/reading assignments, encouragement, and prayer to provide wise and biblical solutions.  Notes may be taken by the Pastors or designated person(s) during the session(s).  

CLIENT EXPECTATIONS:  Please plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment so the session can begin on time. You may be asked to complete homework assignments, or purchase a book to be read in conjunction with your solution session. In addition, prayer, Scripture reading or memorization may be utilized as part of the solution session process. Your commitment to the solution session process will greatly determine the outcome of your experience.  It is an expectation that you attend Risen worship services on a regular basis.  Not attending Risen worship services on a regular basis may result in the discontinuation of the solution session(s).

CONFIDENTIALITY:   The Pastors or designated person(s) will adhere to commonly accepted codes of privacy and confidentiality. There are situations, however, in which the law requires that certain information can be revealed without your consent. Under the discretion of the Pastors or designated person(s), if there is any indication that you may be a danger to yourself or others, or are involved in the abusing of a minor, your information may be disclosed to appropriate mental health services or law enforcement.

CANCELLATION POLICY:   We request that you notify Risen Administration at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time if you need to cancel a session. Failure to do so could result in the cancellation of future solution sessions.  Exceptions are for sudden illnesses and emergencies only.

DISCLAIMER:  After reviewing this request, we will determine whether or not we feel we can provide you with the appropriate services and level of care needed.

Risen Administration or designated person(s) will contact you to schedule your solution session(s).


Members of Risen can set up a solution session with Pastors Dominic & Nedra Owens.  The Pastors or a designated person may do the actual solution session.  Please read the Informed Consent first, then complete the form below.  Submitting this form will be acknowledgement and consent to the Informed Consent information.